Saturday, September 22, 2012

Today begins the Fall

Autumnal Equinox for 2012 officially began in the Northern Hemisphere today at 10:49 A.M. EDT. That's fantastic!

The temperature at noon in Boston is 60oF, is cloudy but not windy. Yesterday I posted one picture I just took of a tree that is in front of Harvard Yard, which already has many ocher leaves. Today I won't go out of home because I have to prepare a presentation, but the next week I would begin to describe different things of what happens in this city in the fall. 

I came here last winter, I really like the cold, but according people I've meet was a very nice season compared to the winter of 2011 because there were only three days with snow. In the spring I was especially pleased by the variety of flowers that could be seen everywhere but not enjoyed the rains.  

The summer has been perhaps the most contrasting season for me because on one hand this city (already beautiful) was greatly embellished. It was all light, color, joy in the streets, people walking to and from work and on weekends parks full of children laughing and playing. The only thing I disliked was the heat that sometimes exceeded 95oF with high humidity. The colors of spring flowers had disappeared but instead everything was painted green and gold by the sun.

But now that autumn has begun I think it can bring together the best of the other seasons in one, people still enjoying the city, movement, diverse palette still warm and alive, but without the sometimes sweltering heat of summer.

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